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Going bananas over Ben Nye luxury banana powder!

Banana powder has been raved about by makeup artists and enthusiasts especially after Kim Kardashian’s makeup artist revealed he uses it on her to set her under eye concealer, to get the super highlighted under eye. So after watching many YouTube videos I decided it was time I got my hands on some. I purchased mine from Ebay as that was the only place that I personally could find that sells it in the UK, I bought the 1.5oz pot and including p&p it came to around £12, you can purchase this also from Camera ready cosmetics although you do have to pay for shipping from America but I am pretty sure it works out the same price as what I paid for mine.

So Banana powder is a very finely milled translucent matte face powder that is yellow based and although is used for setting makeup it is also beautiful as a highlight, which I mainly use it  for. I apply it with my beauty blender, I wet it first then apply it under my eyes, forehead and cheekbones, I apply about two layers of powder and it doesn’t look cakey or crease it just gives your skin a flawless, highlighted fresh finish.

It comes in different sizes and colours you can get it in either 1.50z, 3oz or 8oz and the colours come in Banana, Beige suede, buff and cameo.


I would definitely recommend this to everyone, there is nothing I dislike about this powder, it is just beautiful in every way and very cheap! What more could you want?

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Milly xoxo

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M.A.C Candy yum yum dupe

M.a.c has recently re-released candy yum yum along side ‘moxie’ and ‘rocker’ as part of there most voted for favourites collection and it has been one hell of a struggle to get my hands on one as it has constantly been sold out but finally I managed to bag myself one.

Candy yum yum is a bright matte neon pink lipstick which all make up artists and make up junkies are going mad for and on photographs it looked like the perfect pink so I bought it. It arrived this morning and I’ve gotta be honest I wasn’t impressed with the colour as it is a lot more neon than i thought it would be. Don’t get me wrong it is an absolutely beautiful colour and I do recommend it, it just unfortunately is not a colour that I can pull off, anything too bright or neon makes me look like a clown. I love the feel of it on my lips and the finish, I love matte finishes for lipsticks. It cost £14 and there is free delivery on the M.a.c website until the 25th so go get yourself one before it sells out again!!

After I put it on I realised I already have a lipstick like this and that is Barry m’s lip paint in I think either shade 62 or 52, the sticker has fallen off so I cant be too sure but its definitely one of those shades and it only cost £4.49 and the colour is exactly the same, they are just different finishes, this one is more of a satin finish and has more of a creamy texture, where as candy yum yum is matte.

They are exactly the same colour so the only thing i can comment on that I prefer are the finishes so for that I do prefer candy yum yum. If you’re happy to spend £14 then go get yourself candy yum yum, if you’re desperate for candy yum yum but its a tad too pricey for you then go buy Barry m, you wont be able to tell the difference.

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Benefit They’re real! mascara REVIEW

So there was a lot of hype over this mascara so I had to buy it and It was very disappointing  Benefit is a really good brand and everything else I have ever used has really impressed me so this was really surprising for me. The mascara retails at £19.50 which in my opinion is a bit steep but for what it could offer I decided to give it a go anyway.

Now, my eyelashes are just impossible, they’re really short and they never want to do what i want them to so that does play a part in the outcome of this mascara. I found the consistency really wet and because of that it took a long time to dry. My mascara usually takes me 5 minutes max to make them look half decent before I give up but with this mascara I literally took about an hour doing my lashes ( aint nobody got time for dat!) which is beyond ridiculous and the outcome was alright but nothing special, when after an hours use of this ‘amazing’ mascara I should of had them as long as a cows!

Something positive about this mascara is that i really liked the wand , I usually go for the proper brush as I don’t like the spiked brushes but this one was really nice, it was very bendy and has a little spiked ball on top, the kind of brush that should be good for separating lashes. But not in my case, my eyelashes were very clumped but they were ever so slightly longer. I did use it on my mum and my sister and it did work better on there lashes but still it was nothing to write home about.

Benefit claims ‘They’re real! lengthens, curls, volumizes, lifts & separates. Our jet black, long-wearing formula won’t smudge or dry out. A specially designed brush reveals lashes you never knew you had!’

  • 94% saw dramatic length & volume**
  • 90% saw base-to-tip curl**
  • 94% saw visible lift* 100% saw long-wearing results**
  • 100% saw long-wearing results*

No. Dramatic length and volume? No, unless clumping is what you call volume. Base to tip curl? Errrr a little bit. Lift? No. Long wearing? Yes! I had to get the mascara surgically removed with the amount I put on.

I don’t want to say the mascara is terrible because I know how bad my lashes are to work with, also I have not seen one single bad review about this mascara which makes me think that in some freak accident I am the only person to purchase this that has had a dodgy one, very unlikely, I know but still possible. Positive things about the mascara is, the wand is really nice, it was very black and bold and the slightest bit of lengthening. Negatives? wet, takes ages to dry, clumps and doesn’t do anything it really says it does.

So to wrap it up, in my opinion I wouldn’t buy it again and I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone, unless you’re eyelashes are already really long and are easy to work with then yeah i’d say go for it but if you’re blessed with super long lashes then any old mascara is going to do. I use Rimmel or Maybeline mascaras and they are perfect for me and I would recommend those makes to all of you. I do not intend or wish to be harsh in my reviews I am just being honest and giving my personal opinions and experiences with products, I do like Benefit as a brand and they’re other products but this mascara was just not for me and probably the worst thing I have ever used and it confuses me that it seems I am the only person to think this.

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Milly xoxo

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Naked 2 vs Undress me too

So its my  turn to be one of the 1432904923 bloggers and Youtubers that have done a review on these palettes and they’re undeniable similarity’s, although this wont be the first or last video or post you will see on this i just wanted to put my two cents in.

So as you can see from the photo there is pretty much no difference what so ever between palettes, the shades are the same, in the same order and lets face it the name isn’t that much different, MUA were clearly having a lazy day when they came up with this original palette….

The Naked 2 palette by Urban decay costs £36 and comes in a metal case with a mirror on the inside of the lid, it comes with a double ended karma eye brush which is for shadow and crease and a travel size lip junkie lipgloss in naked, which is a coraly pink colour. The colours range from pale to dark and from matte to shimmer. I personally love this palette, i never go too bright with my eye makeup and always keep it very neutral so this palette is perfect for me. You also don’t need to use a lot of product, a little definitely goes a long way and it is easily blend able  If you can afford this palette then i do recommend it but what has the Undress me too palette got to offer?

This Mua palette costs only £3 and offers the same as the Urban decay, the colours are the same but in my opinion I think MUA is slightly more pigmented, the palette also ranges from pale to dark and matte to shimmer. So as far as the shadow itself goes, there really is no difference. It comes in a plastic case and has a double ended basic eye shadow applicator inside.

So which comes on top? What i think makes Naked 2 better than MUA is the packaging is a lot better and prettier, the brush is better by far, you get a free lipgloss and the shadows blend very easily. What i think makes MUA better than Naked 2 is the price which has to be my main reason and the colours are more pigmented. That is the only differences between the two. So what would you rather do spend £36 or £3? either way you’ll get exactly the same.

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And remember to click on the photo to see it in full size.



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How to get dewy skin with M.A.C Strobe cream Pictorial

1. Before

2. Apply Strobe cream all over the face

3. Apply your foundation with your beauty blender

4. Apply your concealer where needed also to highlight apply on the chin, cupids bow, nose onto the forehead and cheekbones and set with powder.

5. Apply a bronzer with your stipple brush, I like to use a cream bronzer for this look and add a pea sized amount of moisturizer to it to add to the highlighted look.

6. Apply more Strobe cream to the chin,cupids bow, apples of cheeks up onto the cheekbones, the forehead above the arch of the eyebrows and a small amount on the nose and you’re done!

If you want to add some extra highlight, I recommend Illamasqua illuminators on the cheekbones and brow bones.

Products used

M.A.C Strobe cream/ Travel size £12.50 from M.A.C website

M.A.C Studio sculpt in shade NC30 £24 from M.A.C website

Illamasqua concealer in shade 135 £13 Illamasqua website

Chanel Soleil tan de chanel £30 from Debenhams

No 7 day cream from Boots, unsure of the price

Barbara Daly powder in shade Medium from Tesco, unsure of price

Illamasqua illuminator in shade Slay £13.50

Beauty blender £5 Tesco

Real techniques Stipple brush £11.99 from Boots

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Contour & Highlight Products

Contour- Dark brown blusher from Ruby Hammer palette £20 Debenhams

Highlight- Illamasqua concealer in shade 135 £13 Store website

Foundation- Illamasqua cream foundation in shade 200 £23 Store Website

Tools- Beauty blender £5 Tesco

Real techniques stippling brush £11.99 Boots

Large angle brush PRICELESS….. It was a gift

I usually use the Sleek contour palette but I just haven’t had time to buy a new one lately so that’s why it wasn’t featured in the pictorial but I highly recommend this product and if you’re looking for a contouring kit this is the one to go for, it only costs £6.50 and you can either buy it from selected Superdrug stores or online. In it you get your dark brown pressed powder for contouring and a shimmery highlight. I love highlighters and I do use them on a daily basis but I don’t use it as part of my contouring routine, instead I use concealer which I highly recommend you do as it also covers up imperfections and then I apply a highlighter over the top.

My next post will be a pictorial on how to achieve a highlighted dewy foundation and a review on my new favourite product!

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How to Contour & highlight pictorial

  1.  Before photo
  2. Contour using a large angle brush down the cheekbones, where the face sinks in the deepest, temples, under the jaw, beside the eyes and down the sides of the nose. Don’t worry about it being messy, it will be blended in later.
  3. Using a concealer, two shades lighter than your own skin, highlight under the eyes and along the cheekbone, down the bridge of the nose and up onto the forehead, the cupids bow ( above the lip), brow bone and your chin
  4. Using a stippling brush or foundation brush apply your foundation over the top blending all three products together.
  5. If you want more of a sharper contour then use a straight edge such as a ruler place it against your face for a guidline and apply more of the product, focusing more toward the hairline and blending down no further than half way down your cheek
  6. The finished look

Thank you for reading, to see what products I used and what products I recommend for contouring then please read my next post. Like, comment share and subscribe!

Muchos love!

P.s Sorry the photo is so small it wouldn’t upload any bigger!

Milly xoxo

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How to brows pictorial using MUA pro brow kit

  1. My natural brow
  2. Using the lighter brown and wax fill in your natural brow with an angled brush
  3. Eyebrow filled in
  4. Using the darker brown and wax use a fine point brush to draw a line all across the bottom of your brow and draw in the end of your brows to a sharppoint.
  5. Using the same brush blend the line upwards into your brow
  6. Using the angle brush again with the lighter brown and wax lightly draw back over the brow to soften the colour so they don’t look cartoony
  7. Apply concealer all across the bottom of the brow to neaten up and make the eyebrows look sharper
  8. To finish apply a highlighter or white eyeshadow to the brow bone
  9. Before and after
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MUA Pro brow kit review

I have used my fair share of eyebrow products, due to the fact my eyebrows are pretty much non existent so I was very happy and surprised when I found this product. I usually use Benefits brow-zings kit which is an amazing product but costs £22.50 so when I found the MUA pro brow palette for only £3.50 I was skeptical at first but i thought i’d give it a try as it was so cheap.

I was wary of MUA as its products are so cheap, as I am with any makeup that is super cheap I always tend to think its going to be bad quality but that is not the case with MUA, it is high quality makeup for completely affordable prices and I highly recommend there products to everyone.

In the kit you get 3 shades, a light brown, dark brown and a light pinky beige colour, you also get wax, a double ended angle brush and tweezers (see photo above, excuse the ‘muckyness’ this is a photo of my personal kit and i use it every day). The light brown and dark brown are to shade the brows, the pinky beige is to highlight the brow bone and the wax is to set the powder and tame your brows.

The browns are good pigmented colours and work well on the brows, the highlight colour in my opinion is terrible and I wouldn’t use it, instead use an actual highlighter such as high beam by benefit or a white eye shadow, the wax is also very good at doing its job. The tweezers are fine to use but the brush is rubbish and I would just throw it away, as i have and not use it, it will not do any good for your brows as the hairs are too loose and ‘bristley’

So in all this is an amazing product and if you were interested in a brow palette but cant afford, benefit, hd brows, urban decay etc i would say definitely go and buy this from either Superdrug or the online shop, its only £3.50 and will do the same job, the only cons are that the highlight is a terrible colour and the brush is just completely pointless, just buy a white eye shadow or highlighter and a angle brush and you’re ready to go, even after buying a highlighter and brush it will still of cost you less than an expensive palette but you’ll own a new eye shadow/ highlighter and angle brush as well.

Please see my next post for a pictorial on a How to, using the MUA pro brow kit.

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Limecrime velvetines review & dupe!

There has been a lot of hype over Limecrime’s new velvetine lipsticks which come in two shades, Suedeberry which is a coral colour and Red velvet which is a very deep red. For anyone that isn’t aware of velvetines, they are Limecrimes new lipsticks that go on like a lipgloss and dry completely matte. Everyone has been raving about them and they looked amazing so i had to buy one, which was a slight struggle because due to the popularity it had sold out everywhere. But eventually I managed to find myself one at Cocktailcosmetics.co.uk I purchased Suedeberry which including p&p came to about £16. So when it arrived i was super excited and couldn’t wait to put it on, the packaging was beautiful, the lipstick itself is quite small but I personally don’t mind so much. It’s easy to apply, drys fast and the colour is beautiful but you may need to apply a few layers to make the colour a bit more bolder. Now this lipstick claims to be long lasting but if you drink a lot of hot drinks like me then that will not be the case. After drinking a hot drink or eating food that is slightly greasy the lipstick will just smudge and wear away which i wasn’t happy about but i cant complain to much because the best way to remove this lipstick is with oil, so in a sense its doing its job but it doesn’t make it any less annoying when i have lipstick smudged all around my mouth and have to keep re-applying if i need to eat or drink.  I haven’t yet used a lipstick sealer over the top so it may stay put after that so i will have to let you all know. So in all the packaging, the colour, application and finish is beautiful and i would highly recommend the only thing as i said i don’t like is that for me it isn’t long lasting.

Now also when i put it on for the first time it reminded me of a lipstick that i already owned and that is Rimmel in Kiss me 140. The colour is pretty much identical if there is any difference in colour i would say Limecrime is a bit more pinky and the Rimmel is more orange. The finish is pretty much the same the Rimmel is a velvet finish like the Limecrime but Rimmel has the slightest bit of sheen. The price however is a fair bit different to Limecrime I purchased the lipstick for £6 and you can get it from most places, Superdrug, Boots, Savers etc. This also for me is extremely long lasting compared to Velvetines.

So if you don’t mind paying for Limecrime i would definitely recommend it it is a very beautiful lipstick but isn’t long lasting but if your’e looking for a cheaper lipstick that does the same then i would also highly recommend Rimmel its a lot cheaper, beautiful colour and long lasting.

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