How to Contour & highlight pictorial

  1.  Before photo
  2. Contour using a large angle brush down the cheekbones, where the face sinks in the deepest, temples, under the jaw, beside the eyes and down the sides of the nose. Don’t worry about it being messy, it will be blended in later.
  3. Using a concealer, two shades lighter than your own skin, highlight under the eyes and along the cheekbone, down the bridge of the nose and up onto the forehead, the cupids bow ( above the lip), brow bone and your chin
  4. Using a stippling brush or foundation brush apply your foundation over the top blending all three products together.
  5. If you want more of a sharper contour then use a straight edge such as a ruler place it against your face for a guidline and apply more of the product, focusing more toward the hairline and blending down no further than half way down your cheek
  6. The finished look

Thank you for reading, to see what products I used and what products I recommend for contouring then please read my next post. Like, comment share and subscribe!

Muchos love!

P.s Sorry the photo is so small it wouldn’t upload any bigger!

Milly xoxo

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How to brows pictorial using MUA pro brow kit

  1. My natural brow
  2. Using the lighter brown and wax fill in your natural brow with an angled brush
  3. Eyebrow filled in
  4. Using the darker brown and wax use a fine point brush to draw a line all across the bottom of your brow and draw in the end of your brows to a sharppoint.
  5. Using the same brush blend the line upwards into your brow
  6. Using the angle brush again with the lighter brown and wax lightly draw back over the brow to soften the colour so they don’t look cartoony
  7. Apply concealer all across the bottom of the brow to neaten up and make the eyebrows look sharper
  8. To finish apply a highlighter or white eyeshadow to the brow bone
  9. Before and after
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MUA Pro brow kit review

I have used my fair share of eyebrow products, due to the fact my eyebrows are pretty much non existent so I was very happy and surprised when I found this product. I usually use Benefits brow-zings kit which is an amazing product but costs £22.50 so when I found the MUA pro brow palette for only £3.50 I was skeptical at first but i thought i’d give it a try as it was so cheap.

I was wary of MUA as its products are so cheap, as I am with any makeup that is super cheap I always tend to think its going to be bad quality but that is not the case with MUA, it is high quality makeup for completely affordable prices and I highly recommend there products to everyone.

In the kit you get 3 shades, a light brown, dark brown and a light pinky beige colour, you also get wax, a double ended angle brush and tweezers (see photo above, excuse the ‘muckyness’ this is a photo of my personal kit and i use it every day). The light brown and dark brown are to shade the brows, the pinky beige is to highlight the brow bone and the wax is to set the powder and tame your brows.

The browns are good pigmented colours and work well on the brows, the highlight colour in my opinion is terrible and I wouldn’t use it, instead use an actual highlighter such as high beam by benefit or a white eye shadow, the wax is also very good at doing its job. The tweezers are fine to use but the brush is rubbish and I would just throw it away, as i have and not use it, it will not do any good for your brows as the hairs are too loose and ‘bristley’

So in all this is an amazing product and if you were interested in a brow palette but cant afford, benefit, hd brows, urban decay etc i would say definitely go and buy this from either Superdrug or the online shop, its only £3.50 and will do the same job, the only cons are that the highlight is a terrible colour and the brush is just completely pointless, just buy a white eye shadow or highlighter and a angle brush and you’re ready to go, even after buying a highlighter and brush it will still of cost you less than an expensive palette but you’ll own a new eye shadow/ highlighter and angle brush as well.

Please see my next post for a pictorial on a How to, using the MUA pro brow kit.

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Limecrime velvetines review & dupe!

There has been a lot of hype over Limecrime’s new velvetine lipsticks which come in two shades, Suedeberry which is a coral colour and Red velvet which is a very deep red. For anyone that isn’t aware of velvetines, they are Limecrimes new lipsticks that go on like a lipgloss and dry completely matte. Everyone has been raving about them and they looked amazing so i had to buy one, which was a slight struggle because due to the popularity it had sold out everywhere. But eventually I managed to find myself one at I purchased Suedeberry which including p&p came to about £16. So when it arrived i was super excited and couldn’t wait to put it on, the packaging was beautiful, the lipstick itself is quite small but I personally don’t mind so much. It’s easy to apply, drys fast and the colour is beautiful but you may need to apply a few layers to make the colour a bit more bolder. Now this lipstick claims to be long lasting but if you drink a lot of hot drinks like me then that will not be the case. After drinking a hot drink or eating food that is slightly greasy the lipstick will just smudge and wear away which i wasn’t happy about but i cant complain to much because the best way to remove this lipstick is with oil, so in a sense its doing its job but it doesn’t make it any less annoying when i have lipstick smudged all around my mouth and have to keep re-applying if i need to eat or drink.  I haven’t yet used a lipstick sealer over the top so it may stay put after that so i will have to let you all know. So in all the packaging, the colour, application and finish is beautiful and i would highly recommend the only thing as i said i don’t like is that for me it isn’t long lasting.

Now also when i put it on for the first time it reminded me of a lipstick that i already owned and that is Rimmel in Kiss me 140. The colour is pretty much identical if there is any difference in colour i would say Limecrime is a bit more pinky and the Rimmel is more orange. The finish is pretty much the same the Rimmel is a velvet finish like the Limecrime but Rimmel has the slightest bit of sheen. The price however is a fair bit different to Limecrime I purchased the lipstick for £6 and you can get it from most places, Superdrug, Boots, Savers etc. This also for me is extremely long lasting compared to Velvetines.

So if you don’t mind paying for Limecrime i would definitely recommend it it is a very beautiful lipstick but isn’t long lasting but if your’e looking for a cheaper lipstick that does the same then i would also highly recommend Rimmel its a lot cheaper, beautiful colour and long lasting.

I hope you’ve enjoyed my first Review, Please Like, comment, subscribe and share!


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So to start this off i’ll tell you a little bit about myself and what to expect from my blog. My name is Milly and i currently work and live in the Birmingham area. I studied makeup artistry and production arts at college on a two year course where i learnt a range of different areas of makeup such as fashion, bridal, prosthetics and special effects. I love creativity and fashion and being a makeup artist allows me to be creative every day. But lets be honest makeup isnt cheap and we cant always afford the ‘best’ so i am still in the process of building my professional kit and cant wait to be able to do more work regularly.

In this blog i will write HONEST reviews on makeup products, the reason i emphasize this is because in my experience i feel that because certain products are rated so highly and sought after by most, beauty gurus, bloggers, youtubers etc ( and not all of them)  tend to just say that these products are amazing and are worth the £865566433469 that you pay for them when in my opinion i completely disagree, i am also not saying these people are wrong as products do work better for different people but i think that there are some obvious cons that these products have that need to be known. Along with reviews i will also find and compare high street products compared to high end to help you achieve your desired look on a budget. i will post pictorials on how to achieve looks and post any work that i do. Any questions or requests feel free to ask and i will do my best to help.


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My first ever blog!

So, this is my first blog i have ever had and i am currently still setting it up and trying to figure everything out, which is a bit nerve wracking but very excited for it to be completed and to get some tutorials and reviews on the go then hopefully followers will follow!

Milly xoxo

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